Our Campus

Our Campus

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Built in 1913, the Vanguard College campus is located just North of Downtown in the Westwood neighbourhood of Edmonton.  The building was originally built as a public school and has served as the home of Vanguard College since 2004.  If you haven’t been to Vanguard College’s new location we would encourage you to book a tour and hear about the miracles that God has been doing!


With classrooms designed to suit anywhere from 15 to 80 students, we strive to design a learning environment that suits the needs of each course and student. Classrooms are generally outfitted with ceiling-mounted projectors to aid in the learning process.

Computer Lab

The computer lab is located on the 2nd floor in the library.  Students can also take advantage of the wi-fi that is available throughout the building on their own personal laptops .


Once a week, the Shepherds Care Vanguard cafeteria is the hub of student activity.  Each Tuesday, prior to chapel, the student body is provided with a delicious lunch.  It’s a great time to not only eat food without having to prepare it but also to catch up and enjoy time with friends.


Our Gym is available for student use. Gather a group of friends to play a pick up game of basketball in the afternoon or exercise during spares.  In the evenings, our gym is home to volleyball and floor hockey leagues.


We have chapel as a student body, twice per week on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Chapel is a highlight for students as they hear relevant messages and spend time in worship and prayer.  It is a great time to stop and pray and encourage each other.  Our chapel can be found on the 3rd floor.

Prayer Room

If you are looking for a gorgeous view of downtown, come to our prayer room.  Located on our 3rd floor; the view of the city is simply stunning.  What better place to pray over our city than from a place where you can see it all.

Student Lounge

Building community is an important value at Vanguard College.  One place that this occurs is in the student lounge.  The lounge is filled with comfortable seating where students can take some time to relax with friends.  There are also ping pong and billiard tables for students to use during their spares.  Be sure to stop by as you’ll never know who you’ll meet there.