Senior Theology – Old Testament Biblical Theology

Course number: TS4110     Credit hours: 3 hrs

This senior course in Old Testament Theology is designed to validate and demonstrate the importance and relevancy of the whole Old Testament for today. The Old Testament for most Christians is either a mystery, or a source of unrelated devotional stories, laws, and prophecies. In truth the Old Testament is a unified, cohesive story of God’s unfolding Promise and the people who were heirs of this promise. There can be no real understanding of the New Testament without a clear view of the overall theological message of the Old Testament. It is the purpose of this course to trace history of Biblical Theology, to understand some of the current issues in Biblical Theology, and to give the student a central framework by which he/she can under- stand, interpret, and apply the Old Testament as a whole to faith and ministry today as joint heirs of God’s Promise. Themes will be traced through the New Testament to demonstrate the importance and continuity.

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