Starting Transformational Ventures

Course number: PS4404     Credit hours: 3 hrs

This course is an entrepreneurial ‘bootcamp’ in which participants will reach their limits and learn to depend on the God who is the source of all creativity. Participants will work in teams to identify pressing problems and find innovative solutions. Business modeling techniques will be used to develop those solutions into venture ideas that offer genuine economic, social, environmental, and spiritual benefit. High priority will be placed on ‘getting out of the building’ and establishing real customer traction in order to assess whether or not each new venture concept is viable and worth pursuing. Along the way, participants will meet and learn from a variety of experienced entrepreneurs who are currently leading transformational ventures. By the end of the course, participants will have learned to embrace the risk and reward of ‘losing their lives in order to find them,’ and be able to apply entrepreneurial processes in starting their own ventures or contributing to change within established organizations.

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