TESOL BTS Electives (Winter)

Course number: BS2XXX     Credit hours: 6 hrs

Choose 1-2 of the following (3-6 credits):

Theology I (God & the Human Condition)
Theology III (Ecclesiology/Eschatology)
Old Testament Prophets (Minor Prophets)
Old Testament Prophets (Jeremiah and Ezekiel)
Old Testament Prophets (Isaiah)

Please Note:  A total of 12 credits are required for BTS Electives.  This would include 2 OT electives and 2 NT electives.  They can be taken in the Fall or Winter Semester.  Options are listed for each semester. 

Course descriptions are arranged by course name within the academic discipline. The two letter prefix indicates the academic discipline. The four digit code following the two letter prefix generally speaking indicates the following; the first digit identifies the year or level the course is taken.

Courses are listed in the following catagories (academic disciplines):

BS = Biblical Studies
TS = Theological Studies
GS = General Studies
PS = Professional Studies

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