Bachelor of Religious Studies
(Post Degree/Diploma) ICS

The School of World Discipleship’s Bachelor of Religious Study program meets the growing need to prepare those who have a degree or diploma, and want to enter various vocational or lay ministry or continuing studies at a graduate level. Areas of ministry could include education-discipleship and missions ministries of the local church or para-church organizations.


Your missions after degree is designed to provide extensive training, both in Biblical study and practical ministry. Students will complete an intercultural Internship tailored to their passions, gifting’s and abilities.  This would be a supervised ministry placement of a minimum of 400 hours. During their last year students will complete a Senior Missions Practicum in a local church, which requires completion of a supervised placement of 160 hours. Students will also have one-on-one discipleship with a staff member.


As the student will be coming with past post-secondary education, Vanguard College provides theological and missiological training. Therefore, the programs courses focus on a deeper theological understanding and missiological issues and concepts. Some key courses include Hermeneutics, Homiletics, Applied Anthropology, and Senior Integrative Seminar – Missions.

Please Note:  All students entering a Post Diploma or Post Degree program willed be assessed for completion of General Studies (GS) Courses.  Students showing any deficiency in the area of General Studies will be notified prior to registration as to what specific GS courses they will be required to register for in order to complete their Program of Study.


In addition to meeting the general objectives of the College, the student graduating with the SWD BRS can be expected to:

  • Be equipped to be a disciple, through the practice of spiritual disciplines and obedience to God and to then lead in the discipling of others in any context through a local expression of the church.
  • Develop an understanding and life long passion of their call to missions, which is evidenced through ongoing support and mobilization whether their future is that of a global worker or further vocational training.
  • Acquire Biblical, Theological and Intercultural learning and demonstrate the necessary competencies through varied and concentrated missions experiences.