Bachelor in Religious Studies
(Post Degree/Diploma) Youth

The BRS Youth Ministry is an after degree or after diploma program for students wishing to pursue full-time youth ministry. It has been designed to provide students with the core elements of the youth degree without most of the general studies courses. This degree packs in most of the youth ministry courses that degree and diploma students take along with an internship and a senior practicum placement. Students graduate with a strong foundation for full-time professional youth ministry in a church or youth agency.


BRS youth students will experience community in the YMI by participating in retreats, events, and monthly activities designed to quickly integrate students in the life of the college. They are assigned to a YMI staff member for regular one to one mentoring for spiritual growth, encouragement and professional development. With help from the director students will find challenging placements for internship to develop and practice youth ministry skills. In the second year of the program students will prepare to find a suitable position in youth ministry in a church or other youth agency.


This degree is heavy with Bible and Theology as well as practical pastoral courses. Much of the youth ministry degree has been condensed into these two intense years to prepare the student personally and professionally for serving in vocational youth ministry. Depending on a student’s previous degree or diploma courses will include Adolescent Development, Youth Issues, Foundations of Youth Ministry, Church and Para-Church Youth Ministries, and a capstone course called Senior Integrative Seminar.

Bachelor of Religious Studies (Post Degree/Diploma) YM

Please Note:  All students entering a Post Diploma or Post Degree program willed be assessed for completion of General Studies (GS) Courses.  Students showing any deficiency in the area of General Studies will be notified prior to registration as to what specific GS courses they will be required to register for in order to complete their Program of Study.


Upon graduation from the BRS Youth Ministry the student will be:

Capable mature professionals prepared to lead a church ministry, train volunteers, organize an outreach programs, retreats, and mission trips with students and their families.

Competent leaders; knowledgeable in Bible and theology, adolescent development, counselling, youth culture, and youth issues.

Confident in their skills to teach, lead, mentor, and administrate a disciple-making ministry to students and their families as team member at a church or other agency.

Compassionate; having a heart for God as well as empathy for parents and students, helping them to find wholeness in Christ.