Bachelor of Religious Studies (Post Degree or Diploma)

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This program is designed to offer the graduate of a community/applied arts college (minimum two-year diploma), or a university graduate, the opportunity to prepare for Christian ministry and complete the program in two years. This program meets the requirements for ministerial license leading to ordination with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada.

As with the B.A. Theology degrees, we are equipping individuals to ‘shepherd the flock of God.’  We seek to instill a deep commitment to being apprentices of Christ Himself, marked by a deep humility that reflects His heart and mind.  Students embark on a journey of discovery, accompanied by practitioners who both model and instruct them how to lead, feed and care for God’s people, with both skill and passion. 

Adding a minor to this degree enables specialization in either: Youth Ministry, Childrens and Family Ministry, Worship Arts, Pastoral Ministry, Pastoral Care and Counselling, or Missions.

Considering adding a Minor?

Adding a minor to your degree means that you will take at least 4 courses in one of six areas of interest.  These courses would be spread over your four years of study. 


From your first week retreat until the goodbyes of grad day, your ministry training experience will be full of numerous life and ministry highlights.    A sense of community is established as together we discover and affirm each other’s call and gifting.  There will be plenty of opportunities to engage in local churches, shadow pastors and ministry leaders, and participate in mentorship and discipleship opportunities.


Classes over the course of the degree provide an extensive approach to learning and ministry development.  Creative, engaging and interactive would be words that describe the environment that is created by the professors. More than just dispensing information, the BRS program attempts to help students to develop critical thinking, wrestling through the scriptures and establishing an approach that reflects those biblical values.  As one alumni stated, Vanguard cannot not teach you everything you need to know but it will teach you the questions that need to be asked.

Bachelor of Religious Studies (Post Diploma or Post Degree)



Please Note:  All students entering a Post Diploma or Post Degree program willed be assessed for completion of General Studies (GS) Courses.  Students showing any deficiency in the area of General Studies will be notified prior to registration as to what specific GS courses they will be required to register for in order to complete their Program of Study.


BRS students shall be equipped to identify God’s calling on their life, develop healthy self-awareness and relate that calling to current ministry needs.

BRS students shall be engaged in developing Spirit-filled character, supported by a solid foundation of spiritual formation.

BRS students, building on a strong biblical and theological foundation, shall be innovatively trained with skills for effective pastoral leadership and provided with the opportunity to practice those skills.