B.A. in Theology
(Music Major)

Practical and Spiritual Worship Training for Full Time Ministry

Today’s worship ministry is filled with the complexities of media, technology, and the arts while continuing to grow in the study and understanding of biblical leadership in worship.

The SWS (School of Worship Studies) offers the four year degree track that will help you navigate through these ever changing elements. This program has been carefully designed, in consultation with local church worship leaders, to fully prepare graduates for the demands of today’s worship ministry.  Our degree program includes media training, in-depth musical study, and advanced biblical training lived out through practical ministry in the local church.

It will take disciplined work to finish, but the rewards are eternal.

Both programs are designed for those planning to enter various vocational or lay ministry or continuing studies at a graduate level. Areas of ministry could include education-discipleship and missions ministries of the local church or para-church organizations.


Similar to the other music programs, the Vanguard Worship Choir and chapel worship teams are an integral part of this degree. Focus on leadership is greatly increased. You will be involved in developing musical components for FUEL, worship teams, and media requirements for chapel services throughout the term. The four year degree also includes a four hundred hour internship in a local church to put into practice learned skills in a real setting.


With the FUEL program as your foundation, you will continue your development with course like aural skills, conducting, song writing, worship philosophy, media and IT training, leadership skills seminars and private lessons. Regular internship meetings will be planned to debrief about your experiences and receive further mentorship.

Here are some songs written by our students:

Bachelor of Arts in Theology (Music Major)






In addition to gaining an understanding of pastoral life and work, the ability to rightly interpret and apply the Word of God and the skills to effectively communicate the gospel message, music major graduates can look forward to:

  • Understanding the complexities of leading and administrating a successful music ministry in the local church.
  • Developing the skills necessary to integrate both past and present music into the total ministry of a local church in its particular setting.
  • Gaining a working knowledge necessary to administer an entire church music program, including the direction of vocal and instrumental ministries, media, and other relevant technologies.
  • developing sensitivity to the direction of the Holy Spirit in worship leadership
  • Developing professional skills.

It has been our experience over the years that the number of positions open for music ministry far exceeds the number of graduates that come from our program. Our graduates are involved in music ministry all over the world and continue to be a positive influence on the worship development of their local church. Some graduates have received full credit from our program and pursued further studies in a university or other post- secondary institution. Still others have gone into full time travelling ministry and have influenced worshippers around the globe.