“Do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with your God.” – Micah 6:8

MISSIONS OPPORTUNITIES HERE AND AROUND THE WORLD… Whether you are looking for one year of mission and discipleship foundation or four years of theological missions training, SWD will train and prepare you for your future in missions, in Canada or around the world. Your Missions education will occur not only in the classroom but in places such as Canada’s rural North, Urban Vancouver, churches across Alberta, and around the world. Each of these experiences will reveal a unique part of God’s world to you and better equip you to leave a lasting impact on the world around you. If your desire is to reach the people of the nations for Jesus, then consider the missions programs at Vanguard’s School of World Discipleship!


Meet The Team


Chief Academic Officer | SWD Director

Allan’s ministry at Vanguard College as the missions director lets him live out his passion helping students see how big God’s world is and how big God is. Known around the College as PA (short for Professor Allan), Allan and his wife Ingrid teach, live and show the importance of relationships, hospitality and love to the SWD community. Allan’s love for people takes him down the road to his church, being involved in various ministries there. It also takes him halfway around the world leading short term missions teams. Allan spends the rest of his life doing what he loves most as a chauffeur and cheerleader for his three kids.


Associate SWD Director

Kelly is the director of the 1-year HMS: Intercultural Studies Certificate program at Vanguard College. At the age of 14, Kelly went on his first short-term missions trip to Ukraine where God completely changed his life. He has led and served on more than 25 short-term missions trips in Canada, Eastern Europe, as well as in East and Southeast Asia. Together with his wife Angela, they are passionate about missionally equipping and training the next generation of young people to “be the change that they want to see in the world” through innovative and creative platforms in order to reach their fullest potentials in Christ.



SWD Ministry and Discipleship Coordinator

Education: B.A Intercultural Studies, Vanguard College; M.A. Intercultural and International Communication, Royal Roads University.

Since her first Missions trip to China, Angela has been passionate about Missions and God’s heart for the world. This passion has led her and her husband, Kelly, to serve and live in Thailand for one year, as well as lead many other missions trips throughout Asia and Ukraine. She is passionate about mentoring and equipping youth and young adults to share God’s love and peace with a broken and hurting world.