Pursue Discipleship

Pursue is a 1-year Discipleship Program that focuses on foundational Biblical and Theological principles through College level courses. Students will have uniquely designed formation course time which will focus on developing spiritual disciplines, practical personal care, and leadership skills and abilities. Through this year students will begin to understand and serve as an active disciple of Christ through ministry opportunities, and projects. This coming year (2019/2020) the Pursue team will be going to South East Asia (Thailand, Philippines, Cambodia, etc.) for 5 weeks.

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Ministry Opportunities:

  • Working with Immigrant and Refugee students in Edmonton
  • Working with drug addicted and homeless people on Downtown East Hasting Street in Vancouver.
  • Serving in a variety of capacities in Rural Alberta & Inner City Edmonton

Mentorship/Leadership/Discipleship Specific Opportunities:

  • One-on-one Personal Mentorship
  • Leadership Profile Development
  • Practicing Spiritual Disciplines and developing routine and understanding for living these out daily
  • Small Groups

Community Experiences:

  • Jasper Camping Trip
  • Local Edmonton Attractions (Corn Maze Night, Movie Nights, Board Game Nights, etc.)


Pursue will be distinct from our regular academic programs in these ways:

  • A strong focus on personal discipleship formation through studying spiritual disciplines in the Bible and applying them to our lives daily.
  • Personal and social growth through introspective and interpersonal activities.
  • One on one personal mentoring.
  • Learning about and applying theological concepts through practical ministry experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions regarding PURSUE, please contact Enrolment Services.  Some questions are answered below.


Fall Courses

Theology 1 
Formation 1
Formation 2 

Winter Courses

The Bible as Story 
Theology 2 
Formation 3 
Formation 4