When you are a financial contributor to Vanguard College, you are part of something that is bigger than all of us combined! Below, you will see that there are different ways that our community enjoys in expressing their giving. In whatever way you choose to give, you enable Vanguard College to fulfill the vision God has given Vanguard: to Develop Innovative, Spirit-Filled Leaders. Thank you!

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Vanguard Partners

When you are a Vanguard Partner you help us build into the lives of people. Think about all the people in your life who helped you along the way. Nobody is self-made; we all need each other. That is God’s design for community, ministry and growth. Vanguard Partners enable us to use their gifts in the ways we need to be effective in accomplishing God’s vision for the College. Generally speaking, we need general giving!

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When you become a Capital Partner you make sure we have facilities and property that are effective and efficient to carry out this ministry. Whether you give to develop existing property, to acquire student housing, or to keep our facilities beautiful and inviting, your capital investment is not just a brick and mortar purchase - it is always about the people who fill our spaces!

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Scholarships & Bursaries

When you boil it down to who we are - everything on which we spend money is about helping our students get the best education in the best environment to prepare them for ministry: as a pastor in the church or as a follower of Christ in the trades or a profession. Every dollar we spend helps us build up people for the kingdom of God. Scholarships and bursaries enable us to offer quality Christian education in a way that does not place a heavy burden of debt on people who are surrendering their life to be used by God. That is a worthwhile cause!



Education: Theological Studies, Columbia Bible College; B.G.S., Brandon University; C.A., Institute of Charted Accountants of Manitoba; Theological Studies, Horizon College; M.Div., Providence Theological Seminary Practical Experience: 4 years Public Practice KPMG; 17 years of ministry experience including ministry with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, and ministry as Pastor in Ontario and Manitoba.


Executive Assistant for Development Education

Diploma in Human Resources Management, University of Winnipeg; Diploma in Theological Studies; Horizon College Candace Derksen is the Executive Assistant for Development at Vanguard College. She provides administrative, Human Resource and Management skills and assists in strategic Development planning for the Development team. She also actively promotes Alumni connections with Vanguard College.