Student Housing

Student Housing is a service offered to our first-year students, to assist them in building community and making the transition to college life a little bit easier.  SPACE IS LIMITED!  Reserve your spot early.

Vanguard College leases several houses within a four block radius of the school, and offers them to students fully furnished, and ready to move in! Basic utilities are included.

We feel that student housing is the ‘best of both worlds’; students have the independence of living off campus, in a house with their own room, while simultaneously building a sense of community that would be found in dorm life.  Students are responsible for their own meals and groceries, and will have a full kitchen to practice their culinary skills with new friends!


Rent is $475 per month and is payable in two terms ($1900 per term).  A deposit of $475 is also required to secure their spot and will be returned at the end of the school year, provided that no damages occur.

Community Housing

If you did not get a spot in Student Housing, do not worry!  Or if you prefer to rent an apartment in the neighborhood, we can help you with that through Community Housing and our Vanguard Housing Network.  The Vanguard Housing Network exists to help you find accommodations or even roommates.  Please click the link below for more information.