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  1. Evidence of honorable dismissal from all other schools attended is required. Those courses that a student seeks to transfer should have a minimum grade of C- (70%-72%) or its equivalent according to Vanguard’s grading scale.
  2. To be transferable, a course must be the equivalent or near to the equivalent of the Vanguard program requirements, or fit within the maximum number of elective hours in the particular program selected.
  3. A student from an Association of Biblical Higher Education (formerly the Accrediting Association of Bible Colleges (AABC)) accredited school will receive full credit for equivalent courses provided grades earned were C- (70%-72%; or its equivalent according to Vanguard’s grading scale) or above and that the courses parallel requirements outlined in the program selected.
  4. Grades for credits transferred will not appear on the transcript nor will they be considered when calculating a student’s grade point average.
  5. Diploma and Degree students wishing to graduate from Vanguard will need to take at least 30 credit hours at Vanguard.
  6. Concerning Recognized Unaccredited Colleges:
    • Applicants from a recognized unaccredited college, as deemed by the Academic Affairs Committee, may potentially receive up to 50% credit for courses taken there.
    • Transfer credit will only be awarded upon completion of 15 credit hours of study at Vanguard with a minimum grade point average of 2.3 (C, 73-76%).
    • Applicants from a recognized unaccredited college deemed to exceed minimum standards may receive more than 50% credit for courses, provided residency requirements are met.
    • The courses must meet Vanguard’s transfer credit criteria of a minimum mark of 70% (1.7 grade point, C- letter grade) or equivalent and must parallel courses in their chosen program of study as core or elective credit.
    • Along with official transcripts applicants may be asked to provide appropriate documentation to demonstrate that the courses taken at the recognized unaccredited college parallel Vanguard’s courses.
  7. In relation to correspondence schools:
    • Courses from Summit Pacific College Distance Education are transferable provided the courses meet the above noted criteria.
    • Courses from the International Correspondence Institute University (ICI University), part of the Global University System, are transferable to a maximum of 30 hours.

    • Courses from other recognized correspondence schools may be transferable to a limited extent.
    • All requests for correspondence credit require assessment and approval by the Registrar.