Campus Life and Community

A vibrant life is inherent to Vanguard College’s mission to develop and mobilize Spirit-Empowered Leaders. With this in mind, campus life at Vanguard is filled with numerous opportunities for spiritual and personal growth throughout the academic year and beyond.

Chapel Services

The heart of the spiritual life at Vanguard is the chapel services held Mondays and Tuesdays. On a weekly basis we gather as a community to engage in corporate worship.

RESET and Spiritual Enrichment Days

Each semester, several days are set aside for students to experience spiritual refreshment in the midst of their studies. These services are designed to encourage students to be able to integrate Biblical knowledge from their classes into their hearts andlives.

Early Morning Prayer

The prayer room is always open and students can gather to pray together each weekday morning from 7:30-8:30am.

Life Groups

All first year students participate in a time of small group discipleship weekly ot bi-weekly. Upper year students are welcome to co-lead a life group with a staff member.

Program Retreats

Each program has an annual fall retreat within the first couple weeks of the school year. This time is set aside to build community and connection, with God and others in the program.


Gym Drop-in: Throughout the week there are exercise classes available. As well students are welcomed to organize Floor Hockey,
Basketball and Volleyball games in our gym. Sports Teams: Throughout the year, various opportunities for students to participate in team sports are offered. Please note that due to COVID-19 all athletic activities have been cancelled until further notice.

Student Council Events

Vanguard’s Student Council is an integral part of College life, and plays a role in furthering the mission of the college to develop and mobilize Spirit-Empowered leaders. The Council’s leadership sponsors social and connecting events throughout the year.

Field Education

At the heart of a solid Bible College education is a practical hands-on component where students are able to develop their gifts and abilities, practicing real world skills that are being taught in the classroom. Learning takes place in approved ministry settings where students interact with other ministry leaders. Vanguard students are able to consult with their Practicum Professor to find a ministry opportunity that matches their personal calling. Each year Vanguard interns serve in a variety of places across Canada and around the world.

Counselling Services

Students who encounter difficulties in their spiritual life, academic load, social relationships, etc., are reminded that faculty members, Program Directors and Community Life Group leaders are available to counsel and help in solving student problems.

In the event that a student requires professional counseling from a registered psychologist or counselor, Vanguard College may assist with referrals and finances through the Campus Pastor's offices.

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