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Greetings Vanguard Community,

We want to clearly communicate our plan for the fall semester in as much detail as is available at this time to our students and to the greater Vanguard College community. We are planning for on campus classes this fall. We are working closely with Alberta Advanced Education and we are following the Alberta Health guidelines for post-secondary schools, and the General Workplace Guidance for Business Owners. We are committed to providing a safe environment for our students, staff, faculty and visitors. As a post-secondary institution with smaller classes and a larger facility, we are able to offer the majority of our classes in person with appropriate physical distancing. Here is our current plan:

Timetable/Classes (Updated June 24, 2020)

We will offer the majority of our fall classes on campus with an adjusted timetable. We have made a couple of significant scheduling changes to our fall operating plan since our most recent update. We received some really good feedback on our initial plan that scheduled 1st and 4th year classes all day Tuesday and Thursday and 2nd and 3rd year classes all day on Monday and Wednesday. After further consideration, we developed a better way to schedule fall classes that will give students a greater sense of connection and a better rhythm in their class times.

We also deeply felt a need to find room for a day-time chapel in the timetable; a chapel that would be streamed live to three or four different rooms in the building; a central time to pause, gather together, and meet with the Lord. 

As such, our timetable for the fall divides each day into morning sessions and afternoon sessions:. First and fourth year classes will alternate days between mornings and afternoons; second and third year classes will alternate days between mornings and afternoons. There will be a break in the middle of the day where morning students leave and afternoon students arrive. During this break, all high-touch surfaces in the building will be cleaned. The new schedule means most students are in class each day, either morning or afternoon.

Chapel times have also been added to allow second and third years to participate in a Monday chapel, and first and fourth years in a Tuesday chapel. We feel this schedule change will be much more beneficial to the student body. We will continue to update you as we finalize planning for the fall.

Practicum classes will continue to run on Fridays. We will make adjustments to our classroom spaces to ensure all rooms are set up to allow two metres of separation between students. We will include the use of our chapel and gym as learning spaces for some classes. A timetable for the fall will be released in the coming days. By adjusting our schedule to an alternate day strategy, we will effectively operate on any given day at only 50% of normal capacity. Alongside directional signage throughout the facility, this reduced capacity will ensure safe distancing in the hallways, the library and in student areas. Please note, some on campus courses may be capped in order to uphold safety guidelines with respect of room size limitations.

Vanguard Online

Our program and course availability through Vanguard Online continues to grow. For students who do not feel comfortable coming to the campus this fall, Vanguard Online is an excellent option for you to consider. For incoming students, please contact the Enrolment department, and returning students, please contact the Academic department.

Chapel/Spiritual Life

We are committed to your overall spiritual development and recognize that Chapels, Gatherings, and prayer meetings have a significant and essential role in our tradition. Therefore, we want you to know that Chapels, Gatherings, and Prayer meetings will continue to happen this fall. We are hopeful that we will be able to meet together in some format, but it may look different in terms of when and how. Stayed tuned for more information.

Campus Life

We are looking forward to having you back on campus, rest assured, we are taking steps to prepare for your arrival. How we facilitate community may vary and look different, but we will continue to be socially connected, while maintaining physical distance. It is important that we cooperate and work together to ensure health and safety for all (students, faculty and staff). More information and specific guidelines will be sent to you prior to returning to school, and it is essential that you read and abide by them, as an on campus student.

Student Supports

The Library will be available as a study space in a limited capacity. Seating is reduced and physical distancing will be required by all studiers, regardless of relationship outside the college. Watch this space for a final decision about fall library hours later this summer. We are currently available by appointment, Mon - Fri 9am-3pm. 

Students will have full access to borrow from Vanguard College Library’s collection, but the NEOS Connect (delivery service) remains closed. There is the possibility of making appointments at our partner Libraries to borrow directly from them. 

We have increased our digital collections and database subscriptions. Explore and note that a search for journal articles will also now yield eBook results! 

Tutoring and proofreading will still be available online and through one-on-one appointments, but the Academic Success Center will not be available for drop-in services. Don’t forget to connect with us in the Library Support Group on Populi! 

The BookNook will have textbooks available in a limited capacity for online purchase and in-library pickup through the Populi Bookstore. Students are strongly encouraged to purchase their books ahead of time through other means. We will ensure that the required books are listed in your courses once you’ve registered. 

Student Housing/Roommates

Once you move into student housing, or place of residency, for the semester it is important to know a single unit (housing, apartment…) is considered a household/cohort, meaning you’re required to physically distance from everyone outside of your roommates. In saying this, while on campus, we are asking everyone to maintain physical distancing. Visitation with friends/family will need to happen outside of the student housing with physical distancing measures. In response to the current restrictions, regarding cohorts, we would ask that during this semester you refrain from travelling to and from home until Christmas break. This will limit possible transmission to your roommates and college. More information and specifics will be provided in the coming weeks. 

Kick-off / Retreats/ Orientation

We are hopeful that health guidelines in September will allow us to run our all school kick off, Fusion. It is most likely this will be hosted off site at a larger facility in the Edmonton area. More information on this will follow. For our incoming students, we plan to adjust our regular orientation day (normally held on the Friday before classes start) to either a different day, or spread over numerous days in small ‘pods’ of no more than 15 students. Again, please check  this site for updates on this. It is with regret we will not be running our normal fall program retreats this year. However, we are in discussions about ways we can build healthy and safe program connection points that reflect current health guidelines in the first few days of the semester. We will have more updates on this in the coming weeks.


We are hopeful there will be opportunities for local travel during the fall; however, we will monitor health guidelines closely and make a final decision later in the summer. We do not expect any out of province travel during the fall semester, and we do not expect any out of country travel for the entire school year. We are hopeful that there will be opportunities for some out of province travel, within Canada, in the winter semester.


We are carefully building a cleaning schedule to ensure our facility is kept clean and safe for all users. In addition to a full facility cleaning each evening, all high-touch areas such as (desks, door handles, washrooms, handrails, etc.) will be cleaned and disinfected at various intervals throughout the day. Hand sanitizer will be available at the entrance and exits, as well as in every classroom space.  

Pursue Program

We are excited for the second year of our Pursue Discipleship program. This year, we are exploring some engaging ministry, discipleship and community experience in a local setting, that will be in compliance with current health guidelines. 

Tuition and Fees

There will be no tuition credit hour increase this coming fall. Student fees may be adjusted based on services that are not offered. Course fees will be adjusted if trips originally planned do not run. 


We will track attendance in the facility each day, and ask students, staff and faculty to screen for symptoms each day prior to arrival. 

Field Ed (Practicums/Internships)

Practicum classes and placements will resume in the fall. How placements function may vary depending on restrictions and the placement site (church/organization). 

Be advised this document is subject to change, as we adhere to restrictions and guidelines from Alberta Health Services. For questions, concerns or further information related to our plans for the fall, please email:


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