Payment Plans & Policies

How to Pay

The total cost per year is divided between semesters with payment for each semester of the program due on the last business day before the first day of class.

The cost of education at Vanguard College is kept at the lowest possible level so that all qualified individuals may have the opportunity to attend. Students pay only a portion of the entire cost of their education. The College is subsidized by churches of the constituency and the District Office under which the College functions, as well as by private donations.

Payment for each semester’s tuition and fees is due in full no later than the last business day before the first day of class, unless students make use of the payment plan option (see below). A service charge will be applied when using the payment plan option. Exception to this payment requirement is granted to students not yet in receipt of student loans, by providing a Notice of Assessment (NOA) for their loan. 

Late Payment

A student will not be considered registered until payment is received, nor is the student allowed to attend classes or school activities.  He or she will also be subject to a late registration fee of $50 per day to a maximum of $200 per semester.

Payment Plan Option

Students who cannot pay in full at the beginning of a semester may take advantage of our payment plan option. The payment plan is not available for IBOLT courses. Only students taking 6 credits or more are eligible for the plan.

Application is made at the time of payment by filling out the Payment Plan form.  Conditions will be explained and signed by both the advisor and the student.

Payments are broken down as follows:

  1. 50% on the last business day before the first day of class, and two subsequent payments October 1, November 1 in fall semester, or February 1, and March 1 in winter semester.  A $25.00 service fee is charged per semester.
  2. Post-dated checks, credit card number or pre-authorized debit form (accompanied by a void check or bank account printout) must be presented at time of registration, or registration may be refused.

Students with more questions regarding finances may contact our Student Finance Administrator.

Tuition Refund Policy

The Student Finance Administrator will make a refund only upon receipt of an “Add/Drop Form”, signed and dated by the student and the Registrar. The student is entitled to a refund, net of change/withdrawal fees, as follows:

1-7 calendar days after the First Day of Class            100% refund on Tuition and Fees*
8-14 calendar days after the First Day of Class            75% refund on Tuition Only
15-21 calendar days after the First Day of Class          50% refund on Tuition Only
22 days or more after the First Day of Class                 0% refund on Tuition Only

* The following fees are non-refundable:

Orientation Week Fee
Administration Fee
Program Fee
Fees are non refundable after 7 days.

Contact the College for the tuition refund policy as it applies to cluster and modular courses. A different refund schedule is in effect for these courses.