Tuition & Fees


The cost of education at Vanguard College is kept at the lowest possible level so that all qualified individuals may have the opportunity to attend. Students pay only a portion of the entire cost of their education. The College is subsidized by churches of the constituency and the District Office under which the College functions, as well as by private donations.

For more detailed fee information, or the exact costs relating to your program, please view the appropriate section of the College Catalogue. 

Please note that Vanguard College reserves the right to change/amend fees without notice.  All costs are in Canadian dollars. 


Undergraduate $235 per credit hour
Audit  $78.33 per credit hour
General Student Fees $25 per credit hour


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Students wanting to use our parking lot for parking, must purchase a parking pass each term.  The cost of a parking pass is $175.  Passes can be purchased from the main office.  For more information please contact