Course number: PS351     Credit hours: 3 hrs

Recognizing that the majority of the world’s unreached people are locked behind religious and religiously defined cultural barriers, the contextualization course will present principles for presenting Christ into varied contextual realities. This course focuses on critically engaging world religions and relating the gospel message and biblical theology across diverse cultures. It examines the process of exploring the existing cultural and theological framework and developing a biblical presentation of Christ relevant to the culture and religion individuals encounter while serving in world mission. It seeks to equip students to faithfully study the scriptures while engaging in theology in a global context. The course will prepare students to respond to theological issues that influence our global community where the Mission of God is needed.

Course Outcomes:
Students will be able to:
• Identify and describe essential principles to engage people in various world religions.
• Articulate the gospel message and clarify how to present Christ into various cultures and world religions.
• Evaluate the process of contextualization with attention to its importance and the potential dangers.
• Interact with and study cultures and world religions in order to identify approaches to present the gospel and make disciples in a culturally relevant manner.

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