Cross Cultural Communication

Course number: GS151     Credit hours: 3 hrs

This course will address principles and processes to understand cross cultural interaction and communications. The course will provide an understanding of the essential components of communication to avoid pitfalls in cross cultural communication that can render ministry ineffective at best and disastrous at worst. It is designed to equip the student with understanding of cross cultural communication and the needed skills to be effective in developing friendships and healthy relationships to communicate effectively and accurately.

Course Outcomes:

The student will be able to:
Describe and embrace the basic tenants of effective communication to develop healthy cross cultural relationships locally or globally.

Identify perspectives and practices that enhance the ability to share the gospel clearly understanding the difference between their own cultural practices and biblical principles.

Develop humility and a posture of learning in bridging the cultural differences to have a fruitful, enjoyable long term cross cultural ministry.

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