Global Worker: Principles and Practice

Course number: PS151     Credit hours: 3 hrs

This course addresses the many issues that the cross cultural missionary worker faces to prepare for effective service. Biblical, current and practical perspectives will be explored. It will equip the student for a life of fruitful cross cultural ministry in Canada or internationally. Global Worker: Principles and Practises will include a focus on spiritual warfare, ministry gifting as well as marriage and family issues as they relate to mission life. Practical steps needed to go from where you are to effective global ministry will be explored.

Course Outcomes:
The student will be able to:
– Better understand and respond to the wide variety of issues facing today’s global worker
– Identify and understand major Bible themes that form the foundations of successful rewarding ministry in cross cultural settings recognizing the role of spiritual health and growth in the needed spiritual warfare associated with international missions.
– Understand the value of healthy relationships fundamental to crossing culture to avoid common misconceptions.
– Elaborate on the practical process of entering into global work to fulfill God’s calling and purpose.

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