Holistic Mission Engagement

Course number: PS251     Credit hours: 3 hrs

This course seeks to understand and integrate the biblical principles of evangelism, conversion and personal salvation with the biblical mandate for compassion and social concerns. A brief survey of the historical conflicts between evangelism and social concerns and current trends will be presented to help understand the complexity of the issues. This course will help the student to understand and develop methods to accomplish a biblically sound holistic gospel message that impacts nations. Students will gain insights on how to plant the holistic gospel into communities and empower the church of the host country to engage in balanced holistic ministry that affects the whole person and that brings gospel lift and positive transformation to communities and nations.

The emphasis will be on discipling and empowering national church movements to have a biblically sound balance between these often conflicting agendas.

Course Outcomes:
Be able to articulate a sound biblical perspective on the gospel as it affects the whole person bringing social change to communities and ultimately discipling nations.

Be aware of Western Christian NGO’s that are focused on social concerns and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses.

Be capable of understanding and evaluating holistic efforts of national church movements and develop strategies for encouraging healthy holistic churches.

Appreciate and understand the impact of holistic urban church planting on cities and consequently, nations.

Avoid the dangers and pitfalls that typically plague cross cultural relief, development and social work.

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