Course number: BT202     Credit hours: 3 hrs

The Pentateuch has always been regarded as a significant part of Scripture. It gives us an explanation of the world and its inhabitants. It explains the origins of sin and traces its consequences. It introduces the idea of a chosen people through whom the world will be redeemed. In the law it sent out a pattern for society and in the Ten Commandments expresses principles of behavior that have commanded almost universal respect. For modern readers, these key books are often viewed as the most problematic, historically, ethically and theologically. However, it is in this tension that there is such continuing interest in these books. The student will be introduced to the content and significance of this portion of the Old Testament: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. Attention to be given to the matters of contemporary critical issues as well as the foundational basis of Christian history through creation and beyond. The place of the Pentateuch will also be examined in relation to God’s continuing story in the rest of Scripture. In addition, the personal, practical and applicable use of these scriptures for Christian ministry and witness will be addressed.

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