Special Topics: Contemporary Missions Strategies

Course number: PS451     Credit hours: 3 hrs

This course forms the capstone of the The Bachelor in Theology (Intercultural Ministry) program. The course will cover topics of contemporary mission strategies. Current strategies and efforts that are effective globally will be discussed and evaluated to develop strategies for effective fruitful mission engagement into the future.
A special emphasis will be placed on understanding and recognizing the impactful mission efforts from the developing world that are currently bearing much fruit. A study of ways that the western church can engage effectively with the larger body of Christ to reach unreached areas and together expand the kingdom of God. Students will be exposed to a variety of effective practitioners from the global community.

Course Outcomes:
Students will demonstrate the ability to:
– Identify and explain major effective mission strategies globally
– Design an effective mission philosophy and strategy for intercultural ministry engagement.
– Recognize effective national world mission activity and fruit that is often hidden from western eyes.
– To be kingdom minded in designing and implementing methods for western mission efforts to learn from, join hands with and help resource national and international mission movements.

Prerequisite: Internship: Intercultural Ministry

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