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Do you know about our Be the Bridge program?

Full-time Vanguard students can receive $500 off tuition for EACH new referral that applies and gets accepted to Vanguard on a full-time basis. That means if you refer 3 people to Vanguard and they attend next year, $1500 will be applied to your tuition account! There is no limit to the number of people you can refer!



Things to note:

1. Referral must not already be in our Vanguard recruitment database

2. Due to the sibling bursary, referrals are not applicable to siblings

3. Tuition credit will be issued after final add/drop date

**Special Preview Day Promo

Eyeing the new merch that's been added to the bookstore?

Fill out a form then invite your friend to register for Preview Day to be entered to win a merch pack! Once your friend has registered too you will be entered in the draw.