Field Education

Field Education

Field Education

At the heart of a solid Bible College education is a practical hands-on component where students are able to develop their gifts and abilities, practicing real world skills that are being taught in the classroom. Learning takes place in approved ministry settings where students interact with pastors and other leaders. Integrating practice and theory, academics and ministry, while preparing students for ministry positions.

On-Campus Field Education


Ministry Opportunities

Edmonton is a city that is filled with a wide variety of ministry opportunities. Vanguard students are able to consult with their Practicum Professor to find a ministry opportunity that matches their personal calling. Each year Vanguard interns serve in a variety of places across Canada and around the world.

Vanguard students have served in:

  • Pregnancy Care and Counselling
  • Inner City Ministries
  • Youth and Children’s Ministry in Local Churches
  • Orphanages and Missions Organizations
  • High School Youth Outreach
  • Inner City Children’s Mentoring

Number of Ministry Hours Required

Practicum 1st-3rd Year: 60 hours per semester (including practicum class time and placement)

Internship: 400+ hours

Practicum Classes

Each student is required to attend a bi-weekly practicum class along with students in their year and program. Practicum classes provide an opportunity for students to share and learn from each other’s ministry experiences.


Fourth year students have the opportunity to complete their 400+ hour internship through the academic year in their area of study. This will provide students an opportunity to be fully engaged and experience ministry.



Online Practicum Courses and Internships

Vanguard Online students are required to participate in Field Education to gain the skills and experience necessary to complete their program of studies and pursue their calling. Although online students are not required to attend any practicum class, they are required to serve in their church or other agency and to be supervised at their placements. They are also required to submit reports of their church attendance, hours of service, and evaluations done by their placement supervisor.

Internships are required of Vanguard Online students in a diploma or degree program. Students are able to serve in their home church or a local agency without relocating. The internship is an 8-month course where a student serves between 360 to 400 hours. Students are required to complete assignments related to practical aspects of their internship. They will be evaluated and mentored by their supervisor and these evaluation forms are submitted to their internship professor.




The Field Education Department exists to help students:

  1. Develop a higher level of spiritual maturity and
  2. Find and develop their unique ministry talents and
  3. Develop leadership skills and compassion for
  4. Broaden their personal horizons by exposing them to many different aspects of
  5. Integrate classroom learning with real-life
  6. Prepare students for ministry or agency positions following