Pastoral Counselling Skills

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Pastoral Counselling Skills

Skills Certificate

provides instruction in pastoral counselling skills based on psychological and theoretical knowledge. Topics include biopsychology, personality, mental health disorders, classic theorists, counselling modalities, as well as specific counselling skills such as addictions, grief, trauma, crisis, and group work. A component of the certificate includes a certificate in suicide intervention.

Available in-classroom and online.

How to Complete the Pastoral Counselling Skills Certificate

Ultimately, the counselling courses in class would be recommended. We do however understand that Pastors or students may require flexibility for their schedules.  Online courses provide students with such flexibility.

Intro to Psychology is a prerequisite for the upper-level Pastoral Care and Counselling courses. This course would need to be completed immediately following the Ministry Foundations for Care & Counselling course if you have not already done so.

The sequencing of Counselling courses should be as follows:

  • Ministry Foundations for Care & Counselling  (On-Campus)
  • Intro to Psychology (Prerequisite for all upper-level Counselling courses, if not previously completed) (On-Campus or Online)
  • Introduction to Christian Counseling  (On-Campus or Online)  
  • Counseling Theory and Skills Development  (On-Campus or Online)  
  • The Art of Pastoral Care  (On-Campus)
  • Psychology of Addictions  (On Campus)

To Register for courses, you simply complete an Open Studies Registration form.

Skills Certificate