Open Studies Registration

Why take courses through open studies?

Taking courses through open studies allows you to take up to five courses without applying for a program of study at Vanguard College.  You can take courses online or on-campus.  Whether you desire to study for personal or professional development, need to take courses for credentialing, want to get a head start on a degree, or just want to take a course of interest - this is a great place to start!

You can take up to two courses at once.  

Mature students that do not have a high school diploma can take open studies courses to help meet entrance requirements.

Please note that if you are taking an Open Studies course online, you will need to complete the Orientation to Online Learning course first before beginning class.

Contact Enrolment Services if you have any questions.

How to register?

Registration is a simple process!  Complete the form below and you will be contacted regarding registration.