B.A. in Theology 
(Intercultural Ministry)


The Bachelor of Arts in Intercultural Ministry is designed to prepare you for ministry into creative access nations and to prepare you for missions work in Canada or around the world.

It is designed for those planning to enter various vocational or lay ministry or continuing studies at a graduate level. Areas of ministry could include education-discipleship and missions ministries of the local church or para-church organizations.


These programs will prepare you for the real and challenging work of God's glocal mission.  You will be exposed to hands-on interaction with major moves of God around the world.  It will also involve classroom interaction with current mission practitioners who are innovative, effective and fruitful from Canada as well as national, global leaders.

Beyond the classroom, students will be involved in real life relevant ministry experiences locally, in other Canadian settings and globally, tailored to specific interests, callings, and life goals. 

The focus is to develop people for effective ministry at home and to prepare for fruitful Global Intercultural work in a wide variety of expressions.

Sarah's Internship 2019:

Sarah Miller is currently on her internship:
"I have been here for almost a month now, and I am loving every single minute of it.  The students that I am with every week are constant reminders that God is good.  They give me so much hope and joy, I cannot wait for the  few months!"

Nicole's Internship 2019:

Nicole Murdoch is currently on her internship:
"I can’t believe it’s almost been a month since arriving in Thailand ???????? It’s been full of English teaching, game nights & meeting new university students! It’s been so great seeing all of the new friends that God has put into my life already & I can’t wait to spend the next 3 months here!"


Students in their first year will participate in ministry in local churches throughout Alberta, other effective Canadian locations.

Students in their second year will complete an Urban/Rural Missions practicum which requires a supervised placement of 160 hours in a local church ministry.

Students in their third year will complete an Internship which includes a supervised ministry placement (Overseas or in Canada) of a minimum of 400 hours (normally one semester).

Students in their fourth year will complete a Senior Missions Practicum in a local church which requires completion of a supervised placement of 160 hours.

Bachelor of Arts in Theology (Intercultural Ministry)






In addition to meeting the general objectives of the College, the student graduating with the Bachelor of Arts in Theology (Intercultural Studies) can be expected to:

  • Be equipped to be a disciple, through the practice of spiritual disciplines and obedience to God and to then lead in the discipling of others in any context through a local expression of the church.
  • Develop an understanding and life long passion of their call to missions which is evidenced through ongoing support and mobilization whether their future is that of a global worker or further vocational training.
  • Acquire Biblical, Theological and Intercultural learning and demonstrate the necessary competencies through varied and concentrated missions experiences.