Bachelor of Theology
(Youth Ministry)

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Preparing Capable Youth Pastors and Youth Workers

The Youth Ministry program prepares men and women to understand and relate to youth culture, love teens, lead them to Jesus, and equip them for ministry. Students in the Youth Ministry major are trained to lead church-based youth groups, campus clubs, city wide events, small groups, camps, retreats, local outreach projects and overseas missions trips.

A crucial element of training is a carefully integrated program of weekly ministry in the church, campus or community and a 400 hour internship. Our goal is to produce competent, confident, capable and compassionate youth pastors and youth workers for the church and other agencies in Canada and around the world.


Bachelor of Theology Youth Ministry students progress each year toward growing competence and confidence in youth ministry. In the first year in classroom and placement in youth ministries student grow their skills in relational ministry. In second year students are required to take on greater responsibility engaging youth culture leading groups and activities in churches, on campus or in social agencies. In the third year students take on a year-long 400 hour internship or a 600 hours intensive internship in full time youth ministry. During this year under direct supervision students lead every aspect of a youth ministry, drop in centre, campus ministry or youth agency. The final year adds the finishing touches for a student for full time work with youth. 


Over the course of the degree, students will study important aspects of contemporary youth ministry. Beginning in first year students will examine the importance of family ministry and the programming aspects of youth ministry. In second year, students will concentrate on addressing issues affecting teens and strategies to assist them, as well as studying the developmental stages of adolescence. The third year involves studying evangelism and apologetic strategies, and a number of practical pastoral ministry courses. Along with senior biblical and theological studies in the fourth year, youth ministry students will take Youth Ministry and Culture which will pull together all the practice and theory students have experienced.

Throughout their time at Vanguard, students enrolled in the Youth Ministry Program can expect to:

  1. Develop and communicate a vision and philosophy for youth ministry that is engrained in scripture and is applicable for reaching teens.
  2. Demonstrate the relational skills that are necessary to work with teens, their families, and the larger church body. 
  3. Demonstrate knowledge and application of adolescent development and its impact on youth ministry.
  4. Demonstrate the skills needed to organize and facilitate an effective youth ministry through practical experience.

Bachelor of Theology (Youth Ministry)






Students graduating with the 4 year degree will be:

Capable mature professionals prepared to lead a church ministry, train volunteers, organize an outreach programs, retreats, and mission trips with students and their families.

Competent leaders; knowledgeable in Bible and theology, adolescent development, counselling, youth culture, and youth issues.

Confident in their skills to teach, lead, mentor, and administrate a disciple-making ministry to students and their families as team member at a church or other agency.

Compassionate; having a heart for God as well as empathy for parents and students, helping them to find wholeness in Christ.