Diploma in Theology (Christian Ministry)

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Students enrolled in the Christian Ministry diploma will grow in valuable professional skill sets while learning how to be effective for the Kingdom wherever they are planted – whether it is in a church, personal business, corporate organization or other career path. 


As with all of our programs at Vanguard, from the first day until graduation, students will experience community through school-wide retreats, chapels and events. Beyond the classroom, there will be plenty of opportunities to grow in your gifts and abilities through ministry trips, internships and practicums. Students enrolled in the Christian Ministry Diploma have the unique experience of the enriching community here on campus as we journey together while expanding their network and ministry reach at NAIT by taking classes there as well.


This diploma models the first 3-years of the degree program. Should students want to complete the a final 4th year, they can work towards completing a Bachelor of Theology (Christian Ministry). The Christian Ministry diploma allows the student who has done post-secondary education elsewhere to transfer in more courses beyond Bible and Theology. Throughout your diploma, you will continue to build in the theological and biblical courses while having a variety of electives each year. These electives can be taken from other programs offered by Vanguard, or at NAIT. This diploma is well paired with our new Biblical Research minor which gives students the opportunity to prepare a thesis in pursuit of a masters degree after their studies at Vanguard.

Please Note: This program is currently being developed. More information coming soon.


Students graduating from this diploma will have had a solid spiritual, educational and professional foundation that will prepare them for various leadership roles wherever God is calling them into. Students who are already working in their professions will refine those skills and be able to be more effective in their roles. Courses taken at NAIT will also be eligible for transfer credit towards the programs offered on their campus. Graduates can expect to:

  1. Develop and represent a biblical framework for life and ministry.
  2. Model and lead through disciplined spiritual formation and resilient personal wholeness.
  3. Discern and develop a clear sense of call through growth and exploration of natural and spiritual gifts.
  4. Prepare for Kingdom work through tailored professional and practical training.