Worship Arts Advanced Certificate

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Our Worship Arts Advanced Certificate is designed to provide an opportunity for students to build a strong foundation for worship that is expressed in both everyday life and church ministry. Whether you are an accomplished musician or a beginner, seek to be a trained volunteer in your church, exploring a call into worship arts ministry or other education and career paths, it is our desire for students to discover how worship affects and permeates all of life.


Learning is enhanced by experience and practice makes permanent, so we want you to have as many opportunities to develop your skills and gifts as possible. The core of our program is participation on worship teams.  It is in this community of like-minded worshipers that your abilities are truly developed. Whether you seek to lead a worship team or grow in you’re your musical and technical skills, there is a place for you. If you would like to contribute through media and technology or be involved on worship teams, there will plenty of opportunity through our chapels and practicums.


So, let’s begin the journey. Worship principles that are rooted in the story of God will inform the student in designing and leading biblically faithful worship experiences. Our music theory courses will give the student tools to lead music confidently and creatively. The songwriting course will be the creative culmination of the music theory, giving students opportunity to craft and showcase original worship songs. Finally, our practicums will invite opportunity for collaborative worship learning and practice.



It is our goal that by the end of this two-year program the student will:

  • Understand what biblical worship is expressed in both life and church ministry.
  • Develop greater confidence in worship leadership so that you can minister effectively in a variety of settings.
  • Be a worshiper responding to the heart of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.