Worship Arts Advanced Certificate

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This advanced certificate is for those who are looking to become a vocational church musician, or simply to develop into a more skilled lay leader. Building on the foundation of the certificate program you will develop more skill in your musical knowledge, vocal and instrumental techniques, as well as being introduced to sound reinforcement and media resources. You will be further challenged in your walk with Christ, your understanding of worship as well as your leadership skills. This program will help you grow in your confidence as a musician and leader.


Worship teams are an integral part of this certificate. You will be given more responsibility to lead in both of these areas as well as be introduced to the media requirements particularly in our chapel services. Education isn’t completed in the classroom; it should be tested and applied in the real world. In light of this, you will be involved in the worship department of your local church to use the skills you have developed.


Building on the skills learned in the 1 year certificate program, you will continue with courses in advanced harmony, worship song writing, aural skills, and sound reinforcement as well as taking biblical electives that will increase and strengthen your spiritual disciplines.


PLEASE NOTE: This program is under development and will be updated soon


It is our goal that by the end of the two year program you will;

  • understand more fully that biblical worship is vital to the unity and growth in the context of church gatherings
  • develop greater confidence in your musical skill (vocal and/or instrumental) so that you can minister effectively in a variety of settings.
  • gain the spiritual skills necessary to sense the leading of the Holy Spirit and follow His direction.
  • be a worshipper that pleases the Father