Worship Arts Certificate

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Do you know the difference between a song leader and a worship leader? By the end of our Biblical Foundations Certificate, you will not only learn but experience the difference. It is our goal to focus on the whole person by including discipleship and mentoring that encourages and challenges you to be formed into the image of Christ. It will be a year that changes your life!

Through our core courses, students will have the opportunity to discover and develop skills in the areas of bible and theology, worship team ministry, music theory, and live production design. Students will have a theological, musical and technical understanding to lead worship in a variety of settings.


Learning is enhanced by experience and practice makes permanent so we want you to have as many opportunities to develop your skills and gifts as possible. The core of our program is the worship teams.  It is in this community of like-minded worshippers that your abilities are truly developed. Whether you are an up-front person or one who likes to be behind the scenes there is a place for you. The worship band is made up of first year students that primarily minister in smaller church venues where you will have opportunities to lead, play and teach. If you would like to contribute through media and technology or be involved on worship teams, there are a number of opportunities to be involved in our weekly chapels.


So let’s begin your journey. Once we have determined your level of skill (beginner or advanced) you will be placed in level appropriate courses that will challenge but not overwhelm you. Theory classes are designed to help increase your musical literacy. Private music lessons, either vocal or instrumental, will develop your professional abilities. Finally, Intro to Music and Worship will help you to understand the theology of worship and discover the roots that have shaped our worship today.


It is our goal that by the end of this one year program you will;

  • Understand what biblical worship is within the context of our church gatherings
  • Develop greater confidence in worship (vocal and/or instrumental) so that you can minister effectively in a variety of settings.
  • Be a worshipper that pleases the Father.