Youth Studies Certificate

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Imagine what God can do in and through you mentoring, discipleship, and service. In the Youth Studies Certificate, practical classroom studies are combined with powerful ministry experiences and close friendships making an impact that will last a lifetime. You will get a biblical and theological foundation for life whether you go on to further studies or enter the work world. You will also be prepared to be an excellent youth ministry leader volunteering in a church or other youth agency. This certificate can also serve as the first year in the Youth Ministry Major.


Retreats and Events - We believe that being part of a caring community is essential to health and growth as a disciple. We want you to make friends and feel accepted through all of our activities.

Trip to New York City - students in the certificate program will travel to New York in the Winter semester to experience Youth Ministry in a unique environment.

Ministry Placement - In 6 hours of supervised ministry each week, you will develop your gifts serving in a youth ministry or youth agency.

One to One Mentoring - You will meet with one of our Youth Ministry program staff regularly for personalized care and encouragement.


You will gain a foundation for serving in youth groups or other agencies by studying Church and Para-Church Youth Ministries. Foundations of Youth Ministry, provides you with an overview of every aspect of a relational, disciple-making youth ministry. You will also take courses for your personal and spiritual development like Gospels, Principles and Practices of Evangelism, and Hermeneutics (how to understand the Bible). You will know God better, understand your faith, and be able to share it with others.


In this one intense year you should know God better and have a solid foundation for growing in your faith through practicing spiritual disciplines.

You should develop experience God in community with other committed Christian making new friends and deepening your relationship with Christ.

You should have a better understanding of what you believe and be more able to share it with others in personal and practical ways.

You should be able to be a great youth ministry volunteer understanding the dynamics of relational youth ministry.