Pursue Discipleship


We are called to be disciples of Jesus and to further His Kingdom by making disciples. Through this year at Vanguard, you will have the opportunity to pursue Him through His Word, developing His Heart, and being part of His Mission around the world!

Pursue is a 1-year Discipleship Program that focuses on foundational Biblical and Theological principles through College level courses. Students will have a uniquely designed discipleship course time which will focus on developing spiritual disciplines, practical personal care, and leadership skills and abilities. Through this year students will serve as an active disciple of Christ through ministry opportunities, and projects.

This coming year (2020/2021) the Pursue team will be focusing on ministry opportunities within Edmonton and Alberta, with the possibility of extending to other parts of Canada, which will be determined in accordance with Alberta Health Guidelines due to the impact of COVID-19.

COVID-19 Impact:


Due to the nature of the Pursue Discipleship Program and the travel restrictions that are impacting not just our travel as Canadians, but also how this is impacting the ministry opportunities around the world. Keeping this in mind, we are being mindful of the restrictions and making plans for the coming year of Pursue. We need to make sure that the team is safe and that the ministries/organizations are as well. Some of the potential opportunities that we are working towards are focused on Canadian based ministries, and partnerships with some of Canada's unreached people groups and areas (ie. Next Generation, Indigenous People, New Comers to Canada, Urban Centres, and Quebec). We will be communicating with all incoming Pursue students as to what the plan is for Fall 2020. We appreciate your understanding as we navigate this time in history. 


Ministry Opportunities:

  • Working with newcomers to Canada in Edmonton (Subject to Change due to Covid-19)
  • Working with unreached people groups on Downtown East Hastings Street in Vancouver (Subject to Change due to Covid-19)
  • Serving in local churches & Inner City Edmonton (Subject to Change due to Covid-19)

Mentorship/Leadership/Discipleship Specific Opportunities:

  • One-on-one Discipleship/Mentorship
  • Leadership Development
  • Developing a spiritual journey through disciplines, practices, and community

Community Experiences:

  • Frontier Lodge Retreat (Repelling, Mountain Biking, Mountain Climbing, Worship, Community and more!) - Last week of August (Subject to Change due to Covid-19)
  • Local Edmonton Attractions (Corn Maze Night, Movie Nights, Board Game Nights, etc.) (Subject to Change due to Covid-19)
  • Small Groups
  • Retreats and Ministry/Serving Opportunities




Throughout their time at Vanguard, students enrolled in the Pursue Program can expect to:

  1. Gain foundational Biblical and Theological principles through College level courses.
  2. Develop spiritual disciplines, practical personal care, and leadership skills and abilities.
  3. Serve as an active disciple of Christ through ministry opportunities, and projects.




His Word

  • Introduction to college-level learning through five accredited/transferrable courses.
  • Teach skills in reading the Bible well; introductory contextualization; Knowing the broad message of the Bible; what God has done in Jesus’ life and ministry, death and resurrection, and what God will do to bring Jesus’ saving mission to a consummation. Critical thinking; skills in thinking/reading/interpreting.
  • Teach about the trustworthiness/respectability of basing your life on biblical truth; relevance of Scripture.
  • Faith seeking understanding.

His Heart

  • His heart develops your character; Be seen for what it is; you will embody the convictions of your character; Discerning what you love/worship; Practices/rituals.
  • Relating to others; having fun together; Being mentored; relating to authority; Receiving the wisdom of others; wisdom to know when to confront and when to leave things alone; Belonging to a community; not separating from others.
  • Taking care of your own heart; knowing when to pay attention; Self learning is the hardest learning; processing pain.

His Mission

  • Furthering the purposes of God's kingdom rather than our own interests.
  • Focus on the unreached; those far from God; Acts of mercy/serving; Doing good; justice.
  • Spiritual gifts; gaining confidence in their abilities; accomplishments; exploring calling and obedience; next choices/decisions.
  • Applying the concepts of the Word and cares of the Heart; Faith with works.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions regarding Pursue, please contact Enrolment Services.  Some questions are answered below.