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Vanguard’s Pastoral Ministry program is all about coming alongside God called individuals on an amazing adventure, as they discover their call, understand how they are shaped and gifted, with eyes wide open to what God is leading them into.  It’s raising up leaders that are desperately needed to serve and lead the church moving forward. 

The Pastoral Ministry Journey involves a comprehensive process by which the student will establish a strong theological base, develop the skills of spiritual leadership, with opportunity to put those skills into practice.  Students will also deepen their character base in order to be a healthy leader and will nurture a full sense of dependence upon the power of God in order to fulfill the call upon their life.

Pastoral Program Outcomes 

  1. Develop and model a biblical framework for life and ministry.
  2. Adopt effective servant leadership in the context of the church: shepherd and equip people to be disciple-making disciples.
  3. Participate in the practical leadership tasks of local church ministry: Lead the ordinances and church revitalization best practices.
  4. Integrate an intentional approach to spiritual well being: discern a clear sense of call and explore natural and spiritual gifting.
  5. Model an unwavering commitment to the authority of Scripture, competence in study, and effective communication skills for preaching and teaching that address cultural narratives.

Meet The Team


Vice President | Pastoral Program Director

Mark brings over 30 years  of pastoral experience to His role as director.  He has personally experienced and exercised his pastoral gift in many settings from staff pastor, youth pastor to lead pastor.  He has served in rural, suburban to urban settings.  He now finds it a great privilege to pastor future pastors/leaders. . Married to his best friend Pam, they have two great children, Rachel and James, both involved in ministry.  Mark’s desire and passion is to encounter the God of unlimited resources who has big plans for His Church and the next generation of leaders.