Our Mission



Growth is a journey.

At Vanguard, we strive to be a part of each student’s journey, as God leads each student towards an unique destiny in Christ.  We believe not only in developing minds, but also in discipling lives.  Not only head knowledge, but also the transfer of that knowledge to the heart.  Our low faculty to student ratio ensures that each student is developed.  Each program has a Director, who really pastors every student in their program.  Students also develop each other, through weekly Community Life Groups and chapel ministry times.  Growth is a journey.  Along that walk, Vanguard is an excellent guide.


Unchanging truth for an ever-changing world.

We realize that although our message never changes, our methods must in order to maintain maximum effectiveness in ministry.  Students at Vanguard are encouraged to minister creatively – in ways that best reach the people they are ministering to.  Multimedia, technology and creative communication methods are evident in both assignments and classroom learning.  Vanguard students are writing dramas and new songs.  They are producing ministry websites. They are  joining, and leading cutting-edge Vanguard ministry teams that look at ministry in a new way.  They are learning new ways to be Christ to a fallen world.  God, the Creator Himself, is alive and well at Vanguard College.


Ask anyone who has attended Vanguard College (formerly Northwest Bible College), “what is the thing you valued most about your Vanguard experience?”  The answer is almost always the same; “Powerful spiritual atmosphere”.  There is a tangible sense of God’s presence on campus, which is so crucial when you are training to reach the world for Christ.  We need the Spirit’s power, and we believe that power is as living today as it was on the day of Pentecost.  Students are taught about the Spirit in the life of the believer, ministering in their unique spiritual gifts and the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.  Students encounter a living God at Vanguard.  In fact, He is our best professor.


Leadership is Influence – John Maxwell

Wherever God has placed you, you are called to influence. At Vanguard, we believe in training leaders not just for churches, but also for the Church worldwide.  That is why we offer so many 1 Year Programs as a launching pad for a life of ministry outside the church walls.  Of course, we train for traditional ministry as well!  Whether full time, part time or volunteer ministry, whether in the church or in the marketplace, God is raising up leaders to be at the Vanguard of a movement to reconcile a lost world to Himself.  We are as passionate about training those leaders as you are about becoming one.