NOV 15, 2016 -&- MARCH 3, 2017

Preview Day Brings You Into The College Experience

Are you curious to know what it is like to be student at Vanguard? Join us at one of our open house events, designed so that you can not only check out classes, but meet other students, talk with professors, hear the heart behind each program, attend chapel and immerse yourself in Vanguard life.  Preview Days for the upcoming school year is scheduled to take place November 2016, and March 2017. If you can't make it to one of the Preview Days Open House events, contact us to book a personalized tour, we would be happy to arrange a visit.

Preview Day Perks

Experience Classes

Experience Chapel

Experience Community

Registration is Free!

Attendees can benefit from Travel Assistance, a waived application fee and a $300 Preview Day Bursary!

  • The $300 bursary will go towards tuition, which will, in turn, cover your $300 Enrolment Deposit

Frequency Asked Questions

How much does it cost to attend?

Nothing!  Registration is free!

Where will I stay?

You will stay either in Student Housing with our first-year students or stay with another current student in their apartment.  

Are my meals provided?

All three meals and snacks are provided on Preview Day.  If you are staying for an extra night or two, you will have meals provided by your host or hostess.

What will I be doing during my stay?

Preview Day will go until the evening with lots of fun activities throughout the day.  If you are staying longer, your host will be showing you around the city and other elements of Vanguard life.  If you are here over a weekend, your host will bring you to their church and other ministries they are involved in.

How does transportation work?

If you are flying in or coming by bus, we will pick you up at the airport or bus station.  Once here, you will be in walking distance to the campus.  For any activities outside of Preview Day, your host will provide transportation.

How does the travel assistance work?

If you qualify for travel assistance, there will be a cheque provided to you at Preview Day.  The amounts are determined based on distance traveled.  

Preview Day Schedule

Click below to see a Sample Schedule for Preview Day.  The November Schedule will be posted later this summer.