Biblical Foundations Certificate

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Biblical Foundations

Developing and Mobilizing Spirit-Empowered Leaders

Get an introduction to the biblical story, including the field of biblical studies, and add elective classes that interest you. Do all this in a supportive environment that helps you grow as a follower of Jesus.

Available On-Campus and Online

Program Objectives

  1. Utilize foundational Biblical and theological knowledge in life and service.
  2. Develop spiritual disciplines, greater self-awareness, and practical personal care.
  3. Apply valuable knowledge for contexts involving leadership, worldview and intercultural challenges.
  4. Participate as an active disciple of Christ through service opportunities.


Fall Courses

BT101The Bible As Story

Class Time: 3 hours | Credits: 3.00

Online Course Code DEBT101

This entry level course is designed to demonstrate the importance and relevancy of the whole Bible for today. For many, it is a mystery how the Old Testament is related to the New Testament. Some think the former is a source of unrelated devotional stories, laws and prophecies. In truth, the two testaments are the complete story of God’s progressive plan for his people. It is the purpose of this course to concisely trace the story of Scripture, and to help students build a central foundation with which they can understand, interpret and apply God’s word to their lives today.


Class Time: 3 hours | Credits: 3.00

Online Course Code DEBT102

The heart of this course is centred around the importance of the Bible as God’s revelation to mankind, the metanarrative of God at work in history. The course intends to instruct students in how they read and study the scriptures. The student will be acquainted with the purpose and methods of responsible biblical interpretation, both general hermeneutics and special hermeneutics. The intention is to provide tools for interpretation, an emphasis on role of the Holy Spirit their personal reading of the Bible, and an appreciation for the different genres of scripture.

BT103Introduction to Personal Formation

Class Time: 3 hours | Credits: 3.00

Online Course Code DEBT103

The primary focus of this course is to equip students with the knowledge and tools they need to develop a vibrant devotional life. They will learn about, engage with, and reflect on various ways Christians can grow in their relationship with Jesus. Attention will also be given to how students can use this knowledge to lead others to develop a stronger faith.

FE191Practicum: Personal Effectiveness

Class Time: 1 hour | Credits: 1.00

Online Course Code DEFE191

Students will explore several important elements in developing and maintaining personal effectiveness the Christian ministry. Discovering that personal effectiveness is rooted in longevity, credibility, purpose and team will enhance the capacity to lead with effectiveness. Of significant content in this course is a guided examination of the characteristics of effective leader’s within the student’s own context.

GS103Intercultural Communication

Class Time: 3 hours | Credits: 3.00

Pastors and global workers share the common mission of discipling and equipping God’s people. This course is designed to help students to interact with and build healthy relationships with people interculturally. It will help them to acquire and apply communication skills which are necessary to communicate the gospel effectively and accurately. Written, verbal and non-verbal concepts that affect the communication process in many variable settings will be addressed.

PS102Leadership & Team Dynamics

Class Time: 3 hours | Credits: 3.00

Online Course Code DEPS102

What happens when a leader grows intentionally? Dynamic growth happens internally. What happens when a leadership team functions optimally? Dynamic things happen organizationally. This foundational course on leadership will attempt to inform and prepare students for their future lives and leadership by delving into the theology and theory of leadership as encased in the Scriptures and as practiced best by healthy organizations. Students will glean from exemplary leaders what they do and how they do it, both individually and in teams. Through self-discovery of their own God-given strengths and gift mixes, students will be inspired and equipped to become dynamic Kingdom leaders!

Winter Courses

BS1xxOpen Elective

Class Time: 3 hours | Credits: 3.00

Course elective will need final approval by faculty adviser.


Class Time: 3 hours | Credits: 3.00

Online Course Code DEBT104

This course is an introduction to the Gospels. It will focus on the four canonical gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Issues relating to the synoptic problem will be explored, as well as the unique contribution of each gospel. The literary nature of the gospels will be examined, exploring the gospels as story, as well as their theological impact. As the title implies, this course will emphasize our response to the gospels: what it means to follow Jesus.

BT105Theology 1: God and the Human Condition

Class Time: 3 hours | Credits: 3.00

Online Course Code DEBT105

The purpose of this course is to examine the teaching of the Bible and develop a systematic theology that addresses four important themes: the Word of God, the doctrine of God, biblical anthropology, and the doctrine of sin. Efforts will be made to explain how these themes are developed through promise and fulfilment from Genesis to Revelation.

FE192Practicum: Relationships

Class Time: 1 hour | Credits: 1.00

Online Course Code DEFE192

Mature and emotionally intelligent relationships are an important element for developing and maintaining effectiveness in Christian ministry or any other work environment. Developing an accurate awareness of self and the social context are important skills to capture in this practicum course. Students will examine and practice implementing strategies for fostering healthy and meaningful relationships in their context.

GS102Worldviews and Contemporary Culture

Class Time: 3 hours | Credits: 3.00

Online Course Code DEGS102

An exploration of worldviews as intellectual, behavioural, and value systems in relation to culture. These powerful forces shape the lives of people often without clear reflection on the part of the holder. A person’s worldview has a huge influence on identity formation. Therefore, it is crucial to increase awareness and purposeful development of our worldview.

PS1xxProfessional Studies Elective

Class Time: 3 hours | Credits: 3.00

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