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Academic Success Centre

The Academic Success Centre exists to help students succeed in their preparation for ministry leadership. Vanguard offers care to the whole student. While our Campus Pastors offer care for emotional and spiritual wellbeing, the Academic Success Centre’s purpose is to specifically help the student in regard to academics by way of tutoring for research, writing, and time management, as well as provide for accommodations when that is warranted.

Individual Education Plan

We are also pleased to consult with students to help them with an Individual Education Plan (IEP) to continue what they may have had in secondary school (i.e. if they were on an Individual Programme Plan – IPP). IEP’s are available to students with documented learning needs. The following is an overview of our process for students requiring an IEP.

  1. The student must indicate on Vanguard College Application they had a previous IPP.
  2. Students who indicated they had a previous IPP on their college application will be flagged as someone requiring educational supports.
  3. Those students who have indicated on their College application they had a prior IPP will be contacted by the Academic Success Centre (in August/before classes begin) and given the opportunity to schedule an IEP appointment.
  4. BEFORE students attend their IEP appointment, they MUST:
    1. Bring a copy of their Psychological assessment or medical assessment identifying their needs/limitations
    2. Students will not be seen unless they have the required documentation.
  5. Once the IEP has been created, professors will be notified by the Academic Success Coordinator on behalf of the student.
  6. Students needing financial assistance to cover the cost of any equipment or services required on their IEP, can apply for disability funding through their province of residence (See Disability Funding).  Paperwork for this funding should be completed during the IEP appointment.

    Please note, in order to apply for this funding, students must first apply for students loans through their province of residence.

Educational Assistant

If a student requires individualized tutoring, the Academic Success Centre can provide an educational assistant for an additional charge.  Students must request an educational assistant by filling out an individualized tutoring request form. A Deposit may be required to begin accessing these services.  A final invoice will be given at the end of each term for payment. Students may be able to apply for disability funding with their province of residence (see Disability Funding for more information) to help pay for these services.  Students are only eligible to receive this type of service if they have paid a deposit or have proof of funding. 

Disability Funding

Since Vanguard College is designated as an eligible institution member under the Canada Student Loan Act, students with a documented permanent disability may be eligible to receive disability funding, as well as equipment and services funding. In order to apply for disability or equipment and services funding, a student must first apply for student loans with their province of residence. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that all required documentation for funding is completed. For those who would like help with the process, please email our Student Finance Administrator at

For more information about Student Loans refer to our student loans page (Include link). For more information about what kind of disability funding and/or equipment and services funding is available, students need to contact their student loan provider. To read about the Canada Equipment and Services Grant click here:

During their IEP appointment, the required forms for the application will be filled out by the Academic Success Coordinator.

APA Resources

Need help writing your papers or assignments in APA format?  Please check the Resources for Students folder in Populi.

Services for Online Students

The following services are available for online students:
1. We provide 30 minutes of proofreading time for each assignment, Learning Module, or Practical Activity. Assignments need to be pre-proofread by the student or the tutor may not be able to get through the whole assignment.
2. We suggest that students download Grammarly for free. This will help them with the pre-proofreading so tutors can get through the paper faster, and be able to help with refining the paper more closely. This will result in a higher quality paper in the end!
3. We can offer "in-person" appointments for students looking for more personal and focused support through Google Hangout. Students can share a document online while also being able to talk to each other. 

A Message from the Peer Tutoring Centre

Hi Vanguard students!

We tutors here at Vanguard want to best support each of you and help you succeed during your studies. We want to ensure that each of you are getting the most out of our services and would like to support you one on one. If you meet with us face to face and it seems like the etutor would be a beneficial support, we will let you know that you are able to submit papers to be proofread.

In order to ensure all students have the opportunity to see us face to face rather than using the etutor service, we now have free drop-in tutoring in the library Monday-Thursday. Check Populi for our current hours. If you have questions about an assignment, need your paper proofread, want to improve your writing skills, don’t understand how to use APA format, or need other assignment help, please come see us! We would love to support you. We also have free appointment times available throughout the week if our drop-in hours do not fit into your schedule.


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Academic Success Coordinator

Education: BRE, Canadian Bible College; MRE (Counselling Specialization), Canadian Theological Seminary. Phd, Educational Psychology Capella University.
Experience: 10 years as pastor over various ministry areas. 11 years in private clinical counselling, 4 years as Addictions & Mental Health Therapist, 12 summers of camp ministries in Alberta and BC, Adjunct faculty for Ambrose University College