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Audit Process

Those who wish to attend classes on a purely informational basis can apply to audit courses. Taking courses as an audit student does not require you to apply for a program of study at Vanguard College.

You can only audit on-campus courses. 

Please note that audit courses do not qualify for Student Loans.


*The complete policy on Audit Courses can be found below


How to register?

Registration is a simple process! Complete the form below and you will be contacted regarding registration.

Complete This Form To Receive An Audit Application Form for On-Campus Studies

4.6 Audit courses

4.6.1. Auditing is a privilege that provides students with an opportunity to acquire knowledge in a subject area without the full requirements of a course. Auditors are students who have been granted official permission to attend lectures in a course on the understanding that they may not participate in class discussions or use equipment, undertake assignments or sit for examinations, except at the invitation of the instructor.
4.6.2. Audit decisions cannot be appealed. If a course does not have sufficient space for additional students, preference must be given to those taking the course for credit. Audits are only available for on-campus classes. Online courses are not eligible for audit. No award/certificate of participation is awarded for students who only audit courses.
4.6.3. An audited course may not be credited toward the requirements for any certificate, diploma or degree. Normally, no more than one course in each term may be audited. Students are not permitted to change status from audit to credit. Students who wish to take an audited course for credit, must reenroll and pay full tuition. Auditing will not be permitted in certain courses.
4.6.4. Students who desire to attend courses regularly but do not wish to take examinations or receive credit may register as auditors under certain conditions. Faculty and Registrar permission and audit fees are required. The auditing fee is generally one-third of the course tuition. Any applicable materials and activity fees will also be assessed. Students seeking to audit course(s) must meet all registration and fee deadlines that apply to regular students. All fees are non-refundable.
4.6.5. Auditing will not be permitted in certain courses. Credit registrations will be given preference over applications to audit. Students who have audited a course may not subsequently apply for PLAR (Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition) in that course. Students who have audited a course may enrol in that same course in a subsequent term, provided they meet admission and registration requirements.
4.6.6. Auditing students are required to attend 80% of the classes and they shall not normally participate in assignments, exams, labs, nor receive feedback. Nonetheless, it is the responsibility of the faculty and to determine the amount of participation and feedback students can access in the audited course. Audited courses are not counted when determining students’ eligibility to repeat courses. The permanent record of the student enrolling as an Auditor will be assigned the grade of "AU". Students who do not attend 80% of the classes will receive an AUF on their transcript. The AU and AUF grades do not impact GPA (Grade Point Average).
4.6.7. Restrictions - Students may change the status of their courses to audit before the end of the 2nd week of classes.
4.6.8. Alumni Free Audit - Alumni are eligible to audit 1 class for free per year. Eligibility Requirements: Has graduated with a certificate, diploma, or degree. Is not currently enrolled in a program. Has not yet received a 25% discount on a Vanguard Online course this academic year.