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Modular Course Schedule

Modular Courses are one week courses that run Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. Registration for these courses is available on the Modular Course Registration Form (link below)

Upcoming dates:

January 3 – 7, 2022

May 2 - 6, 2022

Courses Offered in January:

Foundations of Family Ministry - Rev. Sean Anderson

This course will examine contemporary family life and its biblical purpose. Students will study the idea of a holistic family ministry model as well as the importance of an intergenerational mindset for church ministry. This course will include current strategies for various ministries that involve the family.

Theology of Worship - Dr. Jay Dyrland

This course is an introduction to the biblical foundations of the role of worship in the ministry of the local church. A prominent worship theologian writes that worship sings, tells, and enacts God’s Story. A survey of worship throughout the story of God will engage students in an investigation of practical, theological and philosophical issues related to Christian worship practices.

Pauline Literature: Romans - Rev. Murray Coughlan

The course will approach Romans as a letter in its entirety, with reference to theological convergence with the rest of Scripture in general, and Pauline literature specifically. The course will reinforce (in an introductory sense) some of the ideas behind the metanarrative of the Scripture, some basic principles of hermeneutics, and some preliminary considerations in exegesis. Students will receive some initial instruction on components of the metanarrative.

Finance, Governance, and Administration - Chris Steward

Course description: TBD

Special Topics: Contemporary Mission Strategies - Jeff Kelly

This course forms the capstone of the The Bachelor of Arts in Theology (Intercultural Ministry) program. The course will cover topics of contemporary mission strategies. Current strategies and efforts that are effective globally will be discussed and evaluated to develop strategies for effective fruitful mission engagement into the future.
A special emphasis will be placed on understanding and recognizing the impact that mission efforts from the developing world that are currently having. A study of ways that the western church can engage effectively with the larger body of Christ to reach unreached areas and together expand the kingdom of God. Students will be exposed to a variety of effective practitioners from the global community.

Courses Offered in May:

Senior Theology: Mission of God - Vadim Yurchenko

Mission is a central focus in the Bible, answering the question, “What are people on earth for?” Students will be immersed in the biblical-theological roots of God’s mission in both the Old and New Testaments and the transforming vision of God’s purpose and plan for His people. Particular emphasis will be placed on the relevancy of God’s mission for the church, its leaders, and individual Christian believers. The mission of God will be related to the complex contemporary issues facing the church today.
Prerequisite: BT305

Youth Issues and Problem Solving - Dr. Marv Penner

An intensive examination of issues particular to youth culture and ministry today. This course takes into consideration the numerous external and internal factors that affect youth today as the class focuses on the interaction of theology, culture and strategy into youth ministry.

This course is designed to prepare the student for the complexities of youth ministry today, by analyzing approaches to dealing with key issues and solutions to typical problems youth pastors face. Students are expected to apply their total practical, theological and Biblical education to contemporary youth ministry situations. An emphasis will be placed on problem solving techniques, and practical application of theory to real life situations. (The course will also attempt to address the concerns of the students involved.)