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Minor Options


Passionate About Two Areas of Ministry?

Adding a minor to your degree means that you will take at least 4 courses in one of eleven areas of interest.  These courses would be spread over your four years of study. 

Minor options are listed below 

Six Minor Options

Biblical Research

Greek I
Greek II
Biblical Studies Research Method
Biblical Studies Research Project

Children's & Family Ministries Minor

Administration of Children and Family Ministry
Senior Integrative Seminar - CFM

Choose any TWO of the following:

Child and Adolescent Development
Children at Risk
Curriculum Design and Development
Teaching Methods & Theories of Learning

Missions/Intercultural Studies Minor

Global Worker: Principles and Practices
Cross Cultural Communication
Special Topics: Contemporary Mission Strategies

Pastoral Care & Counselling Minor

Ministry Foundations for Care & Counselling
The Art of Pastoral Care*
Advanced Counselling

Choose ONE of the following:

Psychology of Addictions
Abnormal Psychology

*  Pastoral Ministry Program Students are required to complete both courses from the Options list to meet the requirement of 12 new credits for the completion of the Pastoral Care and Counselling Minor.

Worship Arts Minor

Theology of Worship
Faith Worship and Pop Culture

Choose any TWO of the following:

Introduction to Worship Leading
Introductory Music Theory
Live Production Design
Advanced Music Theory and Eartraining
Songwriting Theory and Application
Historical Foundations of Christian Worship
Philosophy of Worship Arts
Pastoral Worship Leadership

Youth Ministry Minor

Youth Ministry Program Planning 
Child and Adolescent Development
Youth Issues and Problem Solving
Youth Ministry and Culture