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Re-Application Process

Students who have attended Vanguard more than two years ago are required to re-apply for admission. Additionally, students who
were not in good academic standing and away for one year or more are required to re-apply See the requirements below.

1. Application Form - Complete the form below and an application form will be emailed to you.

2. Pastoral Reference - Provide your pastoral reference's name and email address and a referral form will be emailed to them directly.

3. Transcripts - If you have attended another school since attending Vanguard, we will need transcripts from that school.

4. Application Fee - Pay $75 application fee with your application form.  

Please Note:  If you have met with Enrolment Services and have had your application fee waived, please contact them.  They will waive your fee and send you a  link to your application form.

5. Police Check - All students must complete an Enhanced Police Information Check.  This will be completed through an online portal emailed to you by Vanguard College. Students applying for:

  •  September intake will receive an email after May 1st
  •  January intake students will receive an email after Sept 1st.

Please Note: DO NOT complete the check prior to these dates (May 1st or Sept 1st).  Completing prior to these dates may result in a request to complete a second check.  Police Checks completed for other organizations will not be accepted.

Complete This Form To Receive An Re-Application Form for On-Campus and Online Studies