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Moving to Edmonton to attend Vanguard? Stay in Student Housing!

Student Housing is a service offered to our first-year students to assist in building community and making the transition to college life a little bit easier. SPACE IS LIMITED! Reserve your spot early.

Vanguard College owns and leases several houses within a two block radius of the school, and offers them to students fully furnished, and ready to move in! Basic utilities are provided, including internet, heat, water, electricity, and laundry.

Students gain a sense independence while staying in college-managed housing. Each house accommodates 4-6 students and offers both private and shared rooms to suit various budgets. Students are responsible for their own meals and groceries, and will have a full kitchen to practice their culinary skills with new friends!



Total rent is payable in two installments. Students are not permitted to move in until rent is paid.

House Payment 1 (due on or prior to move in) Payment 2 (Due 7 days after the first day of classes for Winter Term) Total

Master Suite

$3,400 $2,200 $5,600
Private Room $3,000 $1,800 $4,200


Things to note:

  • The $600 Housing Deposit (non-refundable) is required to secure a room and will be treated as a damage deposit
  • The fall installment (payment 1) must be paid BEFORE receiving keys and moving in.
  • The winter installment (payment 2) is due 7 days after the first day of classes for the winter term (same payment deadline as tuition and fees for the winter term).
  • There will be a minimum fee of $50 taken from the damage deposit to cover the costs of carpet cleaning.

What's Included

  • Living room furniture (couches, coffee tables and TV/DVD Player)
  • Kitchen/dining room furniture (table and chairs)
  • Bedroom furniture (twin or queen bed, dresser, desk and chair)
  • Basic Kitchen Appliances (Fridge, Stove, Dish Washer, Microwave, Toaster, Kettle)
  • Kitchen Essentials (2 Piece Pot Set, 2 Frying Pans, Cookie Pan, 4 Steak Knives, 8 Person Dish Set, Scissors, Can Opener, Pizza Slicer, Cheese Grater, Ladle, Spatula, Slotted Spoon, Measuring Cup & Spoon Sets, Cutting Board, Vegetable Peeler, 9 Glasses, 4 Mugs, Knife Set, Microwave Lid, 8 Person Cutlery Set, Colander, Steel Mixing Bowl, Oven Mitts)
  • Other Items (Vaccum, Garbage Cans)
  • Washer & Dryer

What to Bring

  • Bedding (Pillow, Bed Sheets, & Comforter for Twin or Queen Bed)
  • Towels
  • Personal Items (Toiletries, School Supplies, etc)

What to Coordinate with Housemates*

  • Extra Cookware as desired (Casserole Dishes, Muffin Trays, etc)
  • Other Small Appliances as desired (Coffee Maker, Crock Pot)

(* Please Note:  We will connect you with your roommates in August to facilitate communication and early introductions)

Community Housing

If you did not get a spot in Student Housing, do not worry! Or if you prefer to rent an apartment in the neighborhood, we can help you with that through community housing.  There are many rental opportunities in Edmonton with lots in our local neighborhood. We would love to help you find a place that would be most suitable for you. We have a network called the Vanguard Housing Network which allows students to connect with potential roommates and see details about houses or apartments for rent in the area. This group is a closed group on Facebook. If you would like to be a part of it, simply request to join and we will approve your request. Please click the box below to go to the Facebook group.