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Minimum Grade for Transfer Credit

Those courses that a student seeks to transfer should have a minimum grade of C (63%-66%%) or its equivalent according to Vanguard’s grading scale.

Type of Courses to Transfer

To be transferable, a course must be the equivalent or near to the equivalent of the Vanguard program/course requirements.

Residency Requirement

Diploma and Degree students wishing to graduate from Vanguard will need to take at least 50% of their program at Vanguard.

Transfer from Unaccredited Colleges

Concerning Recognized Unaccredited Colleges:

  • Applicants from a recognized unaccredited college, as deemed by the Academic Affairs Committee, may potentially receive up to 50% credit for courses taken there.

  • Transfer credit will only be awarded upon completion of 15 credit hours of study at Vanguard with a minimum grade point average of C (63%-66%%).

  • Along with official transcripts, applicants may be asked to provide appropriate documentation to demonstrate that the courses taken at the recognized unaccredited college parallel Vanguard’s courses.

Transfer Credit from Discipleship Programs

Vanguard College will accept 7 credits from Discipleship Schools (i.e. YWAM, Capernwray, etc.) at the discretion of the Registrar. Transcripts, syllabi or other program materials may be requested. 

How do I know which courses will transfer into or out of Vanguard?

Vanguard is fully accredited by ABHE, however, it is up to the receiving school to determine which courses they will accept as transfer credit.  

This link will help determine transfer credit to some schools in Alberta.

Vanguard College offers a number of courses that are transferrable to other colleges and institutions. Each institution determines which courses taken at Vanguard will transfer into the student’s program based on the requirements of the program the student is entering and may consider Vanguard credits on a case by case basis according to their own academic policies. Students must consult with the college they are applying to, prior to admission, concerning transfer credits.

Credits from Ministry Experience or Informal Training (PLAR)

Mature students with ministry experience and/or informational education (conferences, seminars, intensive reading/writing), are able to complete a Prior Learning Assessment Request (PLAR) to demonstrate learning or experience that may lead to transfer credit.  Click HERE for more information.