Scholarships & Bursaries

Now Accepting Scholarship and Bursary Applications for January 2020


At Vanguard College, we are committed to helping our students graduate with as little debt as possible.   This year, we will give away over $220,000 in scholarships and bursaries.  You could receive up to $3500 in financial aid each year and we’d love to help you out.  Pursue students are eligible to receive up to $2800 in financial aid.

Vanguard College offers Entrance Scholarships to those with a minimum of 70% average in high school, relocation bursaries as well as many others.  Find out what is available for you!

Last Business Day in June for September Intake
Last Business Day in October for January Intake

(Based on the average cost of all programs: tuition and fees)

Available to On-Campus full-time students taking a minimum of three 3-credit courses and a practicum or internship


up to $1000 – Average of 70% 

up to $1500 – Average of 80%

An average in five Grade 12 subjects.  

At least 1 in each of:

  • Language Arts course
  • Math or Science course
  • Social Sciences, Fine Arts, or other Language course

Including 2 in any other subject

Post-Secondary Transcripts or a SAT may be considered provided that, the student has completed a Grade 12 diploma and at least one full semester (12 credits) of study at the Post-Secondary level.




Out of Town Bursary

  • Available to New Students from Alberta who live outside a 50km radius around Vanguard College (12140-103 Street, Edmonton)


Out of Province Bursary (West)

  • Available for students relocating from Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia


Out of Province Bursary (East & North)

  • Available for students relocating from Ontario, Eastern Canada, and the Territories


Up to $1000 

100 hours

*Student must have volunteered in the 12-month period from August 15, 2018 to August 15, 2019.  Maximum of 20 hours per month. (cannot be hours used for school credit or paid employment)

Family Ministry Support - up to $1000


Sibling attending Vanguard College Full time

Student's Parent in Ministry
Student's Parent an Alumni

55 Plus Discount

20% off Tuition

Available to individuals 55 years of age and older.

The Following Items MUST BE Submitted Prior to Application Deadline:

Scholarship & Bursary Application Form
Admission Application
Interim or Final Transcript (included in Admissions Application)
Letter regarding ministerial status, if applying for Family Ministry Support
Fall Intake: Due Last Business Day in June
Winter Intake: Due Last Business Day in October



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Storwell Self Storage's Foster Children Bursary
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