Student Loans


Vanguard College is designated as an eligible institution member under the Canada Student Loan Act. Full-time students in most of our programs are eligible for provincial and federal student loan funding while studying at Vanguard College (except residents of Quebec). Students are advised to apply for their student loan at least 8 weeks before their term start date. Students can apply online with their province of residence. Please confirm with our Enrolment team whether or not your program is eligible for loans.

A portion of loan funding, in most cases, is sent directly to the College.  Vanguard College will apply the total amount of the student’s loan to tuition and fees owed for the semester. If the loan amount is less than the total due, the balance is due on the last business day before the first day of class. If the loan amount is in excess of the total due for the semester the College will only request the amount owing for tuition and fees to be sent to the College, and the remainder will go to the student.


Select your Province

Students must apply through their province of residence for Student Loans.


Alberta British Columbia Saskatchewan Manitoba Ontario Northwest Territories Newfoundland and Labrador Nova Scotia New Brunswick Prince Edward Island Yukon Nunavut


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